Friday, July 4, 2014

In Less Than 3 Months

In less than three months, voters in Scotland will be asked in a referendum whether they want the nation to become independent from the rest of the United Kingdom. The day of decision – September 18, 2014.
Both the “Yes” and “No” sides are enthusiastically engaged in public rammies. [Note: A “rammy” is a "free for all'']. And that’s because you cannot really discuss politics without a wheen o' blethers. ["Wheen" is "a lot"; “blether” is “tending to talk a great deal; talkative”]. In case you didn't realize, I am trying to sound Scottish here!
I was in Bukit Jalil in KL to attend the AFC Toastmasters meeting. I delivered my CC speech #3 titled “The Journey” and my evaluator was Haji Hashim. This is Round 10 of Project 15.
I am my own harsh critic. Personally, I didn't think I did that well with this speech and I blame it on mental tiredness. And worse, I went over time by 63 seconds. Oh well, I can't be expected to give great speeches every single time!
But the meeting was generally alright because we kept to time. For those familiar with AFC meetings where tardiness is common – this is a good sign. I am scoring this meeting a 5.5 over 10.

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