Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Eat Shit

South Korea didn’t do well at the World Cup. This 2014 edition was their first winless World Cup since 1998.

The national soccer team wore sombre faces when they returned to Korea. At Seoul’s Incheon International Airport, they were greeted by some angry fans who threw handfuls of sweets at them – which is considered an insult in the country.
Throwing these yellow pine-nut candies to anyone is a way of saying “Eat yeot,” which translates to “eat shit”!

At the World Cup, Argentina needed extra time to seize a 1-0 win over Switzerland. Also on Tuesday, Belgium secured a 2-1 win over fighting USA. Both victorious teams will now advance into the quarter-finals.
On Thursday, I was at the Satu Hati Toastmasters meeting in KL's Bandar Baru Sri Petaling where I delivered my CC speech #2 titled “The Healthy Beverage”. It must have been a good speech and I was voted Best Assignment Speaker. I tried to feign surprise but it didn't work. I guess I am not good at acting. My evaluator was Andrew Tan and my speech represented Round 9 of Project 15. 
Sigh! I am making slow progress. So far, I have only completed 37 speeches under Project 15. I need to really push myself.
Anyway, as far at this meeting went, it was a good meeting and I am giving it a score of a 7 over 10. 


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