Wednesday, July 30, 2014

PAS Ponder Power Grab in Selangor



Malaysian Chronicle, July 29, 2014
A leaked screenshot (above pic) of a conversation on the instant messaging application WhatsApp is fomenting turmoil in Pakatan Rakyat. It may even precipitate the break-up of PR. It indicates that PAS central committee leaders have been actively contemplating abandoning PR and discussing possible plans post-PR.

In one scenario, PAS research centre operations director Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki (left) had stated that if PAS were to leave PR and join forces with UMNO, they will keep Selangor and Khalid Ibrahim still remains as menteri besar. All they require is another ADUN from PKR to cross over to PAS-UMNO and they will command a simple majority – meaning they can form the state government.
If that did not cause enough hurt, Zuhdi flaunted his Malay-Muslim chauvinism – he commented that his scenario would return political dominance to the Malays and that they could negate "DAP and non-Muslims”. Or as he put it "...we can just swat them away".
It looks like PAS is about to double-cross their PR allies. In spite of their Islamic values, they seem ready to embrace betrayal and treachery. I hope I am wrong – it will be disappointing to see PAS prostituting themselves to become very much like corrupt UMNO!

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