Friday, July 18, 2014

Pussy Boat

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Megumi Igarashi and the vagina kayak she had made. Photograph: /Megumi Igarashi

Another vagina story – this time from Japan. Tokyo police arrested Megumi Igarashi, an artist using the pseudonym Rokudenashiko (which roughly translates as “good-for-nothing girl”) after emailing 3D printer data of her scanned vagina to 30 individuals who had responded to a crowd-funding request for her latest artistic venture – a kayak inspired by her own genitalia that she calls “pussy boat”.
The police had claimed that she had flouted Japanese obscenity laws. (Obscenity laws are not restricted to a woman's genitalia, but also include male private parts as well). Media reports said Igarashi, 42, denied the allegations. She pointed out that she had not sent images of her vagina in return for money and did not recognize the data as obscene.
If you are familiar with her art, you know it promotes a fun-loving and mischievous theme. Last month, the artist uploaded her Gundaman (ガンダまん) creation or, loosely, "Gundam Pussy" – this is a figurine based on the popular anime character Gundam, sporting an oversized vagina.

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But this particular situation in which she has found herself in, is serious as far as the law is concerned. If convicted, she could receive up to two years jail or a fine of as much as 2.5 million yen (£14,300/US$24,500), according to her lawyer.
Some supporters have criticized her arrest saying that it smacked of hypocrisy. After all, Japanese authorities have been resisting pressure to ban pornographic images of children in manga comics and animated films – so what is the big deal about vagina art?
Germany's triumph in the 2014 World Cup means they have rocketed to the top of FIFA's world rankings.
The latest list, published on Thursday, saw Germany replacing Spain in the No. 1 position. The latter tumbled to eighth place, Portugal, down in 11th, Italy, in 14th place and England have slumped to 20th place – the Three Lions’ lowest position since 1995.
Brazil are down four places to seventh and Argentina are runners-up.

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