Sunday, July 27, 2014

BUK Admission

Military analysts said the size, spread, shape and number of shrapnel impacts visible all point to a missile system like the SA-11 Buk as previously suspected. Image credit:

Damaged panels from MH17, which appear to show evidence of shrapnel and missile damage

Indeed, pro-Russian separatists had anti-aircraft missiles of the type that were used to bring down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.
Alexander Khodakovsky, the commander of the Vostok Battalion, admitted to Reuters Wednesday that anti-Ukrainian forces did have the BUK missile system at the time the plane was downed and, while he believed the BUK was smuggled into hiding in Russia – to remove proof of its presence – the weapon likely originated in Russia in the first place.

Khodakovsky of the so-called Vostok battalion – or eastern battalion – speaks during an interview in Donetsk, July 8, 2014. Reuters/Maxim Zmeyev

Before the Malaysian plane was shot down, rebels had boasted of obtaining the BUK missiles, which can shoot down airliners at cruising height. But since the disaster, the separatists' main group, the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk, has repeatedly denied ever having possessed such weapons.
Khodakovsky blamed the Kiev authorities for provoking what may have been the missile strike that destroyed the doomed airliner, saying Kiev had deliberately launched air strikes in the area, knowing the missiles were in place.
Six days after the crash, another pro-Moscow rebel had charged that his forces had shot down the passenger jet thinking it was a Ukrainian military plane.
The paramilitary, who refused to be named, said he was part of the Oplot unit fighting in the Torez area from where the missile is believed to have been launched. He said his commanders told the unit that 'we hit a plane from Kiev' before ordering them onto trucks to attack any survivors, according to UK's The Independent, which cited the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.
And that was when he discovered the corpses of civilians. “I approached and saw the body of a little girl, not more than five years old. It was terrible”, he had said.
In fact, there were previous mentions being made that the rebels had already shot down 12 Ukrainian military airplanes. If this had been the case, why were commercial aircrafts still being allowed to fly across eastern Ukraine? Are the authorities stupid or what?

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