Saturday, July 26, 2014

Khalid Ibrahim Dares His PKR Colleagues

Selangor’s Khalid Ibrahim (left) had on Thursday issued a dare to his fellow state assemblypersons to push a no-confidence vote against his leadership as menteri besar. (His party PKR had already decided to remove him from Selangor’s hot seat and they want Wan Azizah to take over).
Khalid had stood his ground and declared that he wants to complete his second term in office. He sternly reminded his PR state colleagues that he was appointed by the Sultan of Selangor.
Constitutional lawyers had said a snap election is possible if Khalid is defeated in a no-confidence vote in the state legislative assembly for defying his party’s move to replace him. They said the Sultan of Selangor could use his royal prerogative if Khalid made a request to the ruler to dissolve the assembly based on provisions in the state constitution and legal procedure. And word has it that HRH is likely to accede to the request.
Khalid must realize he owes his position as menteri besar to his party. Yet when he is told he is to be replaced, he still insists to cling onto his post. I suspect there is a hidden agenda here.
When UMNO Selangor throws their support behind Khalid, then you and I know Khalid’s time has expired. The problem is he is not going to leave willingly. Khalid Ibrahim is itching for a fight – that’s for sure. He has finally found his nerve.
On Wednesday, I made my way to Brickfields to deliver CC speech #4 “How to Say It” – my Round 13 of Project 15 and I was evaluated by Meyyappa. A good meeting and I would give it a score of 7 over 10.


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