Friday, February 1, 2013

Zombie Teddy-bears

Here’s a cool collection of teddy-bears! Yup, the zombie versions!

British illustrator Phillip Blackman has created the UndeadTeds and these are available to purchase at his Etsy shop. UndeadTeds are re-purposed soft toys that have been transformed into cuddly, bloody horrors to keep you awake at night!

This UndeadTed’s had one eye gouged out and the area munched on. He’s also lost his lips along the way and someone or something has had a go at his chest too. Price: £44

UndeadTed with a chewed-off face. Price: £39

UndeadTed that has a shattered skull exposing brain. Also gouged eye with protruding socket. Price: £39

UndeadTed with eaten-away face exposing jaw and teeth. Also torn-off arm with protruding bone. Price: £39

These Valentine UndeadTeds has torn his own heart out and wants you to have it. True love! Price: £59

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