Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wangkang Festival - National Heritage

On February 06, 2012, I had blogged about the unique Wangkang Festival – an age-old tradition practiced by the Taoists amongst the Hokkien community in Malacca to cleanse the place of evil spirits (You may read more about this fascinating event at this link A year later, this event was given recognition by the National Heritage Department as a National Heritage. It was noted as being an intangible asset of Malaccan heritage, as well as the nation’s (New Straits Times, February 23, 2013, p 20).

The Wangkang organizing chairperson Lai Poon Ken said that Malacca was the only place in the world outside of Taiwan where the celebration included the use of the Wangkang boat that comes in its full size and made of wood.

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