Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lawsuit Threats

I came across this goofy story on that was published on February 08, 2013 about a journalist Teri Buhl who is scampering around the Internet threatening to sue people who published her public tweets!

It seems that the fuss started the week before that, when Buhl threatened to sue a lawyer who quoted a tweet of hers. After he sought advice online, constitutional lawyer Mark Randazza pointed out that you can't say something in public and subsequently claim that it's off the record.

Also, Twitter's terms of service allow for re-publication, and the service even offers embedding options to make it easy to do so. Though Buhl has now made her Twitter account private, disabling that service for her own tweets, a copyright claim is unlikely to get far in court. Experts say tweets are so short that their copyrightability is suspect to begin with, and a "fair use" defense would likely prevail in any case.

When this was pointed out at Techdirt (a technology and business analysis blog), she threatened to sue the site's operators and others who picked up the story. And when blogger Jim Romenesko decided to publish her side of the story on February 05, 2013, verbatim, at her request, she also threatened to sue him over his publication of her Twitter avatar.

The final, bizarre twist: Buhl herself had faced the prospect of legal sanctions after she published explicit sexual content from a teenager’s private journal on Facebook in 2010 in the name of exposing some nonsensical notion about 'What really goes on with those naughty kids these days.' Obviously, without permission. That teenager also happened to be the daughter of her boyfriend at the time. She betrayed that trust – for a story.

Max hypocrisy!

When Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali made the call to burn Bibles with the word Allah, Mahathir Mohamad came out later to say he was supportive of the move because it was natural to torch banned books! No wonder Ibrahim shows courage to continuously humiliate and even threaten non-Malays because he knew he has the ‘blessings’ of his patron Mahathir in all that he does.

Are there any Malaysians out there who still think the world of Mahathir? His usefulness has expired a long time ago and so I wish he would just shut up! It is still the Lunar New Year and so I cannot wish for him to drop dead! It's not nice!

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