Monday, February 11, 2013

Mighty China

I read in UK’s The Telegraph yesterday that China has leapfrogged the US of A to become the world’s biggest trading nation, bringing an end to the US’s dominance of global commerce.
The total value of US exports and imports in 2012 was $3.82 trillion (£2.4 trillion), the US Commerce Department has revealed. China’s customs administration has already announced that the country’s total trade last year was worth $3.87 trillion.

On top of that, China had a full-year trade surplus of $231.1 billion with the US posting a total 2012 trade deficit of $727.9 billion.

We all know that the inevitable has happened. It cannot be much of a surprise for anyone. And China will keep growing and growing.

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Fujifilm has developed a light-weight film (above picture), that sticks to the skin and gathers heat energy emitted from the body which is then converted in to electricity.
The device which is an organic polymer material – called a thermoelectric converter – is activated by a temperature change of just one degree celsius. It means that we may soon be able to charge our smartphones while out and about by simply using our own energy.

The development could bring an end to the traditional method of using battery chargers from electrical points to power our phones.

The groundbreaking invention was unveiled at the Nanotech 2013 Exhibition & Conference in Tokyo (January 30-February 01, 2013) where the latest inventions and gadgets are revealed to the world.

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A live demonstration was given at the show where a person pressed his hand against the material and a toy car began moving around a track.

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