Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Apple is Losing its Cool

In a Bloomberg interview, Steve Wozniak (above), legendary co-founder of Apple, admitted that he is worried that the company is losing its cool factor. Apple was still good at "setting a standard with a new device" but because it seems to have stopped taking risks and attempting to build completely new devices, has settled into a cycle of making incremental improvements to its existing product range and as a result is losing its cool. In other words, Apple must keep setting standards or lose its cool.

The BN stronghold of Kota Tinggi in Johore appears a little shaken when Kota Kecil MCA branch chief Tai Foo Him led 180 members to pull out from the party, citing disillusionment over the party’s direction. They defected to the DAP and in the process, established the first two DAP pro tem divisions, i.e. the Kota Tinggi and Taman Tenggara divisions in the BN-controlled area.

Tai came into media limelight when he attended and spoke at the Dong Zong’s rally against the preliminary report of the National Education Blueprint 2013-2025 last November. His action drew an immediate rebuke from the Kota Tinggi MCA division, which threatened him with disciplinary action because the party had vowed to boycott the assembly.

Didn’t I hint at Johore’s crumbling invincibility?

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