Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sabah Joke

This news story from Sabah is a joke. When the one hundred or so Filipino gunmen sneaked into Sabah, they weren’t detected until they settled down in Lahad Datu. On Wednesday, when a small group of seven attempted a landing at Kampung Tanduo, the former’s hideout, the police not only nosed them out but also arrested them.

Of the seven, three were Al-Jazeera journalists trying to get the story of this stand-off. The others were three Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) members and the boatman.

Even weirder was that police confirmed the arrest only after SAPP announced this fact first. The six were later released by police after their particulars were taken down and given a stern warning not to repeat their “ill-planned” adventure while the seventh person, presumably the boatman was detained further supposedly because his travel documents were not in order.

Everybody is asking, why were the journalists detained? They were just armed with cameras and notebooks. Those who came in with guns and other assorted weaponry were left to their own devices. How come? Is there something to hide? More worrying is the fact that if negotiation has been progressing well as claimed, how come these uninvited and armed tourists are still around?

What kind of homeland security do we have in this country?

I also came across some reports that say that the armed intruders number about 300 but local media only state about 100. As usual the Malaysian government cannot count properly, so we are all supposed to make wild guesses as to how many of these invaders are now in Sabah!

On Thursday, we had a birthday lunch do at Brussels Beer Cafe in Sunway Pyramid for our SUBS colleague and friend, Dr Cheah You Sum. These photos document our little celebration:


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