Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Winning Cat

In the world of board games, it is a momentous event when Hasbro announced on February 06, 2013 that a cat is displacing an iron! I am talking about the classic game of Monopoly where fans in a Facebook poll, have voted in the cat (31 percent of the vote) as the newest token, replacing the not-so-hot iron (just 8 percent of the vote). Hasbro had organized a month-long online vote in 185 countries. The other seven tokens – the race car, top hat, wheelbarrow, battleship, shoe, thimble and Scottie dog – remain.

The cat beat a toy robot, guitar, helicopter and diamond ring. And to celebrate, let’s play this Al Stewart song:

If you don’t know the game, you are a deprived person. Anyway, it is a popular property game launched in the 1930s where players try to get rich by buying, renting and trading properties. The game, which according to Hasbro has been played by more than a billion people, is sold in 111 countries and available in 43 languages and a digital version.

I am thinking that if we can Malaysianize the tokens, my choice will be: A submarine, a cow, a diamond ring, a Birkin handbag, a Proton car, a moneybag, a Najib figurine and a snake.

In case, you are wondering why a snake – that is because I am expecting the ruling BN to be ousted in the Year of the Snake! And that will be my wish come true!

Dr Wan Azizah speaks at Lembah Pantai Fundraising Dinner on January 29, 2013, somewhere in Kuala Lumpur

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