Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jakim Sermon to Hate Valentine's Day

Last Friday, Federal religious authorities warned Muslims against celebrating Valentine’s Day, in a tiresome message which crops up without fail every February, by telling congregations that it could lead to pre-marital sex.
The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) sermon, read out at mosques nationwide, told Muslims: “Create a feeling of anti-Valentine’s Day in your hearts and minds, start hatred of celebrating it”.
Jakim expressed its worry that Muslims celebrating the day will go dancing and organizing candlelight dinners, which of course, will lead to “kissing in gardens” and accompanied by sex to prove their romantic loyalty.
The religious department referred to an oft-quoted writing from an article “Saint Valentine’s Day: Should Biblical Christians Observe It?” by Ken Swiger, Elder and Pastor of the Seventh Day Christian Assembly in Knoxville Tennessee, USA – he had allegedly said that “Valentine” was a Latin term, meaning “The Mightiest, The Strongest, and The Most Powerful”, used to exalt Nimrod and Lupercus, the deities of ancient Rome. [I didn’t know that the learned fellas in J akim are taking lessons from the Christians!]. So Jakim is forbidding asking someone to “be my Valentine” because that is tantamount to idolatry by glorifying a mortal to the same level as God.

Muslims were also told in Jakim’s sermon that the directive against the celebration should not portray the department as killjoys but it was just following the Quran and the Prophet’s teachings.
Stop blaming only PAS for their anti-Valentine's Day objections  for your info, JAKIM which opposes Valentine's Day comes under the Prime Minister’s Department, and therefore, UMNO should shoulder the blame as well. Putting aside their hostile disapprovals, Valentine's Day, at best, serves as a reminder for you to show your love to your loved one(s). But honestly, Love should be celebrated every day, and not just on this one day on February 14.

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Patrick said...

JAKIM is don't the best marketing in the world. For free. For the benefit of all the F&B and retailers. The more JAKIM promotes Valentine's Day on the media, the more visible it stays in the media domain.

I am surprised that there are no enterprising businesses to promote 'Halal Valentine's Day Special'. The special will be a sellout in this packaged form

A. 2 stalks of fresh Hibiscus flowers.

B. Nazi leak with chicken, sup kambing, kueh muih and tehntarik or nescafe ice. For two.

C. 2 Free movie tickets to the movie Zero Dark Thirty to watch their fallen hero.

D. Dress code : strictly full burqa for the sexy young lady and anything for the man

E. Total package cost : RM 144 net

I am sure all the Malay warongs/stalls/restaurants can manage this promotion to boost sales and keep in line with JAKIM's latest Valentine's Day sexual edict. It will be a Win-Win for JAKIM, muslims who want to enjoy this special day and the commercial warongs......