Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scaremongering Chua Soi Lek

PAS will contest 32 out of 56 state seats in Johor. This startling announcement did not come from PAS or even Pakatan Rakyat, but from MCA’s Chua Soi Lek. Wow, suddenly he has the inside information about PAS.

I guess he is clearly worried that PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub who had already announced his readiness to contest in Johor – his birthplace – is likely to spearhead the PAS attack on UMNO strongholds and together with PKR and DAP focusing on mixed and urban constituencies, the opposition coalition have a realistic chance of capturing Johore! I tell you it is not impossible. All PR need is to win more than 28 seats in the Johor State Legislative Assembly.  I believe a 35 percent vote swing among the Johor’s Malay electorate should suffice to topple BN in Johor in the next polls, provided the pact throws all its muscle behind ensuring that Johor’s non-Malays are willing to go anti-BN. Mathematically, this is not an unrealistic assumption.

Anyway, Chua knows that the Chinese in Johore has abandoned MCA and the Malays are getting restless too. That is the reason why Chua is trying very hard to scare the Chinese because he wants them to believe that a vote for DAP is a vote for PAS. I suppose sinners have cause to be alarmed if PAS comes into power. And the Chinese party knows that it will confront s life-and-death situation during GE13. I reckon Chinese Malaysian voters are going to bury MCA.

On Friday, I was in Petaling Jaya to attend the MIHRM Toastmasters meeting where I began (again) another new session of CC speeches. I did my Ice-breaker speech (titled “Enigma”). I also assisted in taking up the role of Table Topics Evaluator given that there was participation from only eight Toastmasters and ex-Toastmasters.

I am also trying to push myself and in this ninth round, I want to complete the CC manual in 19 days or less. I believe I can!


Billauchris said...

Wow! You really set a trying goal for yourself year in and year out. You intend to complete your CC within so short a time frame. I thought I was great to have done it seven times, but you have surpassed my record. Good for you. Public speaking needs constant practice in order to maintain one's eloquence. As what Francis Bacon once said, "Practice maketh a Perfect Man".

Billauchris said...

MCA lacks its lustre of yester-years. Its position has been reduced over the years to a political eunuch - its wings have been clipped, tongue tied and the obvious cut. It is now actively engaged in organising vote-buying lunches and dinners and distribu-ting hampers and ang-pows to old folks and Chinese villagers and helping UMNO candidates succeed in the coming GE 13. MCA is a spent force now. It is better for them to leave the BN and fight on its own; otherwise, they will be decimated and vaporised like the Gerakan in the last election.