Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Steve Jobs continue to be everyone’s favorite topic even at Toastmasters meetings. At the Friendship Toastmasters meeting yesterday in Mont Kiara, two speakers talked about him again. I didn’t have any role but I was ‘volunteered’ to participate in the Table Topics segment and yes, I was (again) voted the Best Table Topics speaker. I suppose I am getting to be pretty good at this impromptu speaking thing. This meeting was remarkably restrained – and I did not have to speculate because I knew why. High-spirited Kim Chow and Grace Tan were conspicuously absent and so their bright and breezy wit that normally tagged along didn’t show up too. Still, it was a good meeting and I particularly enjoyed the evaluations. A 6 out of a 10 score for this meeting.

I came across this eye-catching handiwork at webpage and just love the wings! Yaya Han's hand-cut and expressive cosplay wings – lovingly crafted out of featherweight and flexible industrial foam – come in a variety of styles, including devil, fairy, angel, cherub and steampunk. They're fully 3-dimensional and they’re darned cute.

The wings are attached to a sturdy wire frame covered in soft felt for comfort. Because they are so light, they can be worn like a backpack with elastic loops already attached. The wire frame allows for easy adjustments and positioning. And the ones in the photo are retailed at $24.99.

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