Friday, October 7, 2011

The Truth about the $24 million Ring

I was at the MAS Academy in Kelana Jaya for the MAS Mawar-MAS Cempaka joint meeting last evening. And I was thrust into taking up two roles then and there – as invocation presenter and Table Topics evaluator. Steve Jobs must have left a deep impression on many people including Malaysians – I mentioned this because both the Invocation and an assignment speech (by Emil Anthony) spotlighted Jobs. I was a wee bit disappointed with the speeches though because three out of four speeches didn’t quite follow the objectives. I left immediately after my evaluation because I had to rush to a function at Sunway University.

This event was the Central Asian Cultural Night and it showcased performances by students from five countries: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia. Besides, I had promised my Mongolian student, Undarmaa Gansukh (above photo) that I will attend. And I did enjoy myself. Thanks for the invite, Undarmaa!

I read in The Malaysian Insider on Tuesday that Mohamed Nazri Aziz had informed Parliament on the same day that no payment had been made on a $24 million (RM77 million) ring linked to the prime minister’s wife, i.e. Rosmah Mansor. In a written reply to Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, Nazri even had the Royal Malaysian Customs to confirm that the said ring was “returned” after “a few days” to the company that owns it.

This is an intriguing situation because of three well-publicized reasons. Firstly, there was a $24 million ring after all and no chest-thumping denials can undo this fact. Secondly, Najib denied that Rosmah bought the ring; he did not deny that the ring was brought into the country under Rosmah’s name. Thirdly, Jacob & Co. sent the ring half the globe away to Malaysia for no convincing reasons other than to let Rosmah admire it for awhile. Wa lao!

Now, the public cannot help but wonder if Rosmah returned the ring because of the glare of adverse publicity? The infamy of being found out can be embarrassing for Najib but then again, he is also hard-bitten. And it will not throw Rosmah into a tizzy either. Maybe she was looking for something more opulent, more luxurious and more self-indulgent? Rosmah certainly has expensive tastes!


joicietse said...

I must agree with Glam pertaining to the Project Speeches @ MAS Academy last night. A monotone except for the Invocator & Emil's, apart from the Table Topic Evaluator! :)

Btw, what's happening @ Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa tomorrow? Sounds interesting to pop by...

Victor Ong said...

It's the Sunway University Business School Grand Ball and I am participating!