Sunday, October 9, 2011

OWS Protest Continues

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OWS protesters have astonished doubters - and won attention from both President Barack Obama and his Republican opponents - with their staying power, organizational savvy and ability to grow. The core sleeping rough is only a few hundred, but more than 5,000 people streamed through rush-hour traffic last week and smaller branches of the Occupy Wall Street brand are popping up in cities nationwide to protest the fate of the little guy in America, or what they call "the 99 percent."

What I find most remarkable is their resiliency. They use every latest social media tool. They rake in thousands of dollars in donations to buy basic supplies for the camp. By and large they maintain steely discipline when marching so as to avoid provoking the police. They have been at it for three weeks of permanent demonstration at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan and yesterday, signaled the start of the fourth week.

Anti-corporate activists who triggered a national protest movement by occupying a square near Wall Street could not be more focused, except on one little detail – at least according to their critics – what exactly it is that they want. Methinks, these critics don’t understand that this is a greassroots protest movement. Sure, it stems from the apocalyptic gloom that sprung from the Wall Street bail-outs, but in a flash, other issues came out of the woodwork, issues that ail America, from the Afghanistan war and mounting environmental degradation to distressing employment rates and soaring college tuition fees. Just about everything. These represent the vast depth of the abysmal frustrations of Middle America. It is, as I see it, a glaring and overt expression of deepening unhappiness with the political and business elites, and of the odious corruption that envelopes these institutions. This is not a one-issue movement – it is no longer just about Wall Street excesses. All the diverse issues have coalesced into one mass protest that does not follow the normal rules. Therefore, there is no need for any agenda and neither is this protest going to end anytime soon.

At yesterday's rally, Neha Kagal, 26, a student from India, said the protest's diffuse nature is "the good part of it."

"That's what gets more people involved - and that's what revolutions are made of."

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Nisha said...

NG Xhiang Ming-
With my experience of playing many city building games untill today , the main objectives of maintaining a stable society is to keep the citizens happy.The satisfaction of the citizens will rocket up economy.In one of the game - stronghold crusader, the higher the satisfaction rating , the higher taxes you can impose.The citizens are absolutely fine with mean taxes.Games do differ from reality but they tend to share the same basic concept ,just that the problems exist are so much more simple than in reality.Another game is Caesar 3 ,which dissatisfaction of citizens will lead to crime and protest.It is common sense for me as a player to fix this rising crime and protest rate but it takes time(very short time compare to reality). What i want to say is , leaders are meant to fix an organisational or a country societal problems , but if a problem involves too many aspects ,the fixing time prolong.

I always doubt that protest will make things better as myself hate complains very much.My thinking is , it's either I do it or you.Just shut it and start working.The OWS protest waste more resources in this tight time.Instead of a protest , they should form a group or something to study the current problem and proposed constructive solution or even contribute to the economy.President Obama is definitely brainstorming some solution but sad to say brain resources in white house are insufficient! Greek government plan of tightening government spending ,cutting off social benefits leads to many protests.As i see it , citizens aint patriotic enough during this period.I wonder why nobody notice that when a country bankrupt ,the burden is still on the citizens?I think this further proves survival fittest right.Just like the game , if my treasury is dwindling , i have insufficient fund to do further investment.

I personally dislike those working class in the kopitiam talking about politic ,blaming this and that as though they are the consultant of the Minister of education(although i should admit that the education minister must be out of his mind to reintroduce bahasa in science and math subject in secondary school,i'm also terrified that my sister study account in bahasa for spm!Maybe this is the reason why children in the southern johor went to singapore ,woodland for professional and consistent education , they are too lazy to protest as nothing will be changed)

Back to the topic , protest aint the best way out.We as a patriotic citizens should find our way out ourselves instead of depending the government.This is why the rich is richer because they know how to earn more money than anybody else during economic downturn.

Ng Yi Hong-
No people like the event of protest, just like no people like to live within a family which is always in quarrel. In order to have a harmony life, my idea is why people don’t make a concession when there is a conflict to each other. Or why people don’t do something that is under the limitation instead of beyond the limitation. As a mankind, an ethic mankind, they do know what is the limit on something, and when they beyond the limitation for a long time, they do know others will feel unhappy. Same goes to when people doing thing beyond the limitation, you will feel unhappy too. So, why do they want to it again since they do know that everything has a limit from a very beginning.