Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

I read in page 8 of The Edge Financial Daily today that HELP International Corp Bhd’s performance this year has so far been really lackluster because of the challenges this education entity is facing (e.g. China’s expansion plan on hold, delay in enrollment of their franchise program in Vietnam due to a quality review by the local government) and more worrying, is that the HELP College of Arts and Technology (formerly known as HICT) start-up cost of RM4 million is unlikely to see a return of investment any time soon. OSK Research has a “neutral” call on HELP which hopefully, will serve to spur their management to be more strategic in their thinking and decision-making. It's like being at the buffet table. Sometimes we can have too much on one’s plate without realizing it!

I came across this posting on October 17, 2011 on boingboing.net and liked the photo on the left so much that I managed to track down other similar-type photos. These are Simon Fletcher’s Teenage Mutant Ninja noses (Webpage http://teenagemutantninjanoses.tumblr.com/). Very artsy indeed!

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