Friday, October 21, 2011

Token Punishment

Last evening, I went to No. 57 at The Boulevard MidValley to attend the MAICSA Toastmasters meeting where I was invited to be the evaluator for one of their four speakers. Funnily enough, all speakers went over their time limits – I guess, they were so engrossed with what they have to say that they forgot to keep time. The speeches were generally decent but it was the evaluations that I enjoyed – particularly mine! Anyway, a good meeting although time-keeping was terribly poor and mind you, it was not only the speeches! I would give this meeting a score of 5 out of a 10.

UK’s The Guardian on Tuesday reported that an internal NYPD review found the rogue officer Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna violating department guidelines when he used pepper spray on OWS protesters on September 24, 2011 – read my blog posting dated October 03, 2011. A source with knowledge of the investigation said this officer faces losing 10 vacation days. Big deal! This is merely token punishment – in other words, the officer came away scot-free! I am not happy about this outcome.

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