Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bite Me! for $10

After repeated invitations, I finally visited Stamford College Toastmasters Club yesterday evening and in the process, forwent my own club meeting. I took up the role of evaluator for Lily Chow who did CC speech # 9 Persuade with Power, and I was even voted Best Evaluator. Although there were only fourteen of us at this meeting, I was warmly received when I arrived at the Jalan Barat campus. Overall, it was a decent meeting and I would award it a 7 out of a 10. Oh yes, another thing. Members thoughtfully arranged a cake-cutting ceremony to commemorate Toastmasters International Founder’s Day (i.e. October 22) and what was special was that the cheese cake featured the TI logo. Nice.

I came across this Bite Me! Vampire Tooth bottle-opener at the GAMA-GO site that is priced at only $10. Hmmn, what else can it do, I wonder?

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