Monday, October 17, 2011

Missing Patrol Boat Engines

On Saturday, colleague Chong Soon Meng took photos of the construction works that are proceeding at a frenzied pace in front of Sunway College, i.e. the new site of Sunway University. Compare the photos below with those taken a month ago (check out my posting dated September 16, 2011):

If you have noticed, the trees are not wasted but rather they are carefully removed and transported safely for transplanting elsewhere. It is a warm feeling to know that the Sunway Group are really pro-trees, pro-environment.

Who can forget the case of the two F5E fighter jet engines stolen right under RMAF noses? There is now a sequel. Four missing patrol boat engines – these have disappeared from the Marine Police store in Georgetown, Penang sometime in the week beginning October 03, 2011. It can be safely assumed that they were also stolen!

After all, it is the subject of a police investigation. Penang Police Chief Ayub Yaakob said, two marine police personnel aged 20 and 35, have been detained, to assist investigations. He said though the four engines – Mercury 200 hp and 150 hp – manufactured in the US weighing about 200kg each and worth hundreds of thousands were meant for disposal, they were still the property of the government (Webpage, published October 12, 2011).

If the police can lose their equipment, what chance have we? Citizens are even more helpless. Law and order are being undermined daily. And if you have read the New Straits Times on Thursday, you will have learned that “police will hold joint patrols with the Malaysian Armed Forces in three main areas of Johor Baru city center” (Webpage This started last Friday in the Setia Indah, Pelangi Indah and Johor Jaya neighborhoods. Why in JB if it is not crime-ridden? Lim Guan Eng was right after all, wasn’t he? My blog posting on October 02, 2011 has already highlighted this. And we all know that crime statistics don’t always tell the whole truth.

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