Friday, October 14, 2011

Islamic Sex

A member of Malaysia's Obedient Wives Club. Photo: Reuters

First, the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) are asking women to be first-class prostitutes (Read my blog posting dated June 07, 2011). Now they are asking them to embrace Islamic sex. For sure, OWC is lusting for publicity. They have produced a 115-paged book titled Islamic Sex, Fighting Against Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World, according to a news report in Malay daily Berita Harian in Malaysia on Wednesday. This pocket-sized sex guide started by divulging OWC’s research that Muslim women gave their husbands only 10 percent of what men desired of their wives' bodies. Either these women are so repressed sexually or the men are so sexually driven that the latter are not able to satisfy their libinal needs.

Anyway, pro-polygamy OWC decided to publish this self-help guide to Islamic sex. It suggests that a Muslim man can have sex with all of his wives at the same time. (Under strict Islamic tradition a man have can up to four wives if he can provide for them all). This can be referred to as ‘group sex’ or to use the more licentious word, ‘orgy’, which is an immoderate indulgence in an activity – in this case, sex. The primer supposedly contains explicit sex details, and Chapter 8 goes on to explain how sex can become an act of worship. Holy sex!

The one thing that puzzles me most is how on earth can Islamic sex battle Judaism. I also don’t quite understand the Islamic sex part – unless it is recommended that their God’s name be invoked to give instantaneous divine gratification – before the male partner enters the woman with emphatic thrusts that bring on dreamy waves of delirious ecstasy. OMG!!

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