Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Die-cut Post-its

I was at the Cititel MidValley Hotel last evening for the MidValley Toastmasters meeting. Predictably, it was a good meeting but it was also pretty unusual in some respects. The grammarian gave his report which was probably the shortest I have ever heard at 38 seconds and the Ah Counter was so thorough, elaborate and detailed that she stretched her report to 4 minutes and 16 seconds. The CC speeches were fairly delivered although the advanced speeches, in my opinion, were a let-down. The respective evaluators for the latter (i.e. Christine Ong and Keith Ho) were correct to give prominence to their deficiencies. In fact, Ho was ruthless in his feedback but I cannot fault him because he was right! The General Evaluator (i.e. Justin Jesunathan) raised eyebrows when he made a whimsical point that was bereft of reason – he pleaded for speakers and role players to be given time flexibility – which is totally contrary to what we should practice at Toastmasters meetings. I am not sure why he expressed the opinion but he is so wrong!

PA Design (webpage http://www.pa-design.com/pa_montre-post-it_memo_371_1143.html) sells die-cut post-its shaped like wristwatches, gummed so they can be joined at the wrist. I agree that it is a cute way to put notes where you're sure to glance at them.

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