Thursday, October 27, 2011

A-G's Good Books

The Penang state government continues to be in the good books of the Auditor General, who commended their improved financial position in 2010 compared to 2009. According to the latest AG report, Penang's consolidated revenue grew by 2.7 percent, from RM1,101.89 million for 2009 to RM1,131.17 million in 2010. The consolidated cash reserve rose by 6.2 percent to RM572.49 million, up from RM538.95 million in 2009. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and the PR coalition can be rightfully proud of themselves for a job well done!

And the PR-managed Selangor state government received a ‘satisfactory’ rating from the AG for their financial position ending 2010. The state’s consolidated revenue increased by RM266.91 million or 20.2 percent, from RM1,319.97 million in 2009 to RM1,586.88 million in 2010. This is despite it registering a 10.9 percent or RM192.36 million drop to RM1,571.50 million in state revenue last year (RM1,763.86 million in 2009).

Even Kelantan and Kedah were also graded 'satisfactory'. This means that all these states are under the safe hands of CAT-abiding PR shepherds. [CAT refers to the DAP's governing philosophy, meaning Competency, Accountability and Transparency].

Penangites and others from the three states have discovered their good fortune because they gave the reins of power to the anti-BN coalition. If Penang and the other three can be so successful, why don’t Malaysians elsewhere give them a chance too? I’m referring to Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Perak. When the time comes, let’s insist on change. It's about time.

Ambiga (left) speaks during a public lecture at University of Melbourne, October 25, 2011. Photo by KC Boey.

Bersih 2.0’s Ambiga Sreenevasan is in Australia – she kicked off a speaking tour of four of the most renowned law schools in Australia. There, she lambasted Putrajaya of stalling on electoral reform ahead of key national polls likely to be called by early next year.

It is good that she is building awareness amongst Malaysians in Australia on the importance of electoral reform but shouldn’t she also focus on speaking to Malaysians in Malaysia so that they in turn can put more pressure on the Najib government? I am referring to Malaysians in the towns and rural heartlands of the country. Please do not be elitist – do not underestimate these Malaysians by assuming that they are so readily seduced and/or easily hoodwinked by the cunning and crafty Najib! I am sure they care as much about their country as those in the cities. We are all Malaysians, aren’t we? Ambiga, these Malaysians are counting on you too!

And if the government is still dragging their feet, then I say, bring on Bersih 3.0!

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