Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Man with Two Wives

On Friday, I was at the Holiday Inn Melaka to attend the Toastmasters' District Executive and Council meetings. It was the usual round of predictable reports being presented. It was at the Council meeting that I stood up to register my protest with regard to the DG's appointment of the District Coach Chair – it is something I feel strongly about and I made no apologies. A man with a big ego and who has no integrity has no place in Toastmasters.

This morning, the "finals" of the Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests were held – nope, I wasn’t there! – and I have just been informed that Kit Ti Chang wasn't placed and Vincent Liew did not compete (Ahmad Zakie took his place instead). Anyway, the respective champions were Stephen Fernando and Palaniappa. Yes, I am disappointed. Well, at least Stephen won lah!

I had blogged about Najib's low-cost meal on Thursday and I realized only this morning that the said newspaper featured a regular customer Ramlee Salleh who ate at the said restaurant with wife Zaleha Salleh and a grandson daily to reduce their financial burden. Hmmm, he earns RM700 a month as a petition writer besides getting a RM400 pension. Yet he was quoted to complain “But it is still not enough for us and I sometimes just eat bread”. What is perhaps amusing is the fact that he is whinging about food costs and yet the same newspaper article mentioned that he has two wives! And don’t any of his wives cook? And where was he dining before Najib came along with this emaciated idea of cheapo meals? I really wonder!

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