Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why Must Lim Guan Eng Apologize?

According to The Malaysian Insider, Najib Razak had said on Friday that Lim Guan Eng’s apology to the Johor Sultan for disparaging the state was made only because the Penang chief minister had no other recourse. To me, Lim may have decided to just say sorry and move on. The mea culpa came when Lim had supposedly bad-mouthed the UMNO-held state in an interview with Radio Australia on September 20, 2011, allegedly saying that people would likely get “kidnapped” in Johore in a statement interpreted as a swipe against the crime rate in the southern state.

If the statement is ture, why is there a need to apologize? I can recall newspaper reports of Singaporeans being regular victims of robberies and kidnappings in Johore. One just needs to speak to local Johoreans to find out how dire the crime situation really is in that state.

So I don’t agree with Lim’s decision. The apology will now be interpreted wrongly – that we must refrain from telling the truth because supposedly this will bring negative implications. So what? Why must we shy away from speaking the truth? If indeed Johore is crime-infested, then we should say so. Why hide this fact? Why must we be in a self-denial mode?

It is obvious that Lim was severely criticized because he is from the DAP, as simple as that. After all, if the crime rate in Johore is high, then irrespective of whether Lim or Najib or anybody else who said it – it will still remain high! Why try to kill the messenger? Sorry, I know why – he is opposition wad!

I salute Lim for having the courage to speak his mind. Too often we are expected to be nice to others and even turn the other cheek. Well, it has not done us any good – that’s why Malaysia seems to be in deep shit as long as BN wields power. It is time that good men and women in this country speak up!

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