Sunday, October 9, 2011


Saturday’s Division G Humorous Speech & Evaluation contests, Area G3 swept first places for both contests. Vincent Liew (representing HELP University College Toastmasters Club) and Chang Kit Ti (representing Money & You Toastmasters Club) emerged champions in the Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests respectively. Both have improved tremendously to earn accolades at the Division-level but I feel they will have to push themselves a little bit more in order to win honors at the District-level competition at the forthcoming Semi-Annual Convention to be held in Malacca this month itself. I believe they have a good chance, I really do!

Ahmad Zakie did well to finish first runner-up in the Humorous Speech contest. I have two complaints though. We didn’t start on time and the two contest chairs were rambling, meandering and long-winded.

On Friday, Mahathir Mohamad in his blog warned that the ongoing global economic crisis will continue long into the future as the West continues spending in a “state of denial”. That was the same day that Najib Razak unveiled his Budget.2012 which is an example of wanton spending. Doesn’t this indicate that Najib is in self-denial too?

The government may spend about RM232.8 billion ($74 billion) in 2012, he said, 1.4 percent more than this year’s outlay. With Malaysia already deep in fiscal deficit, it is foolhardy to spend lavishly.

Questions thrive. Is it not better to find ways to enhance the country’s revenue rather than indulging in a spending spree? Where do we find the money to finance this budget? Cannot we see that this “feel good” budget is aimed at shoring up UMNO’s core support among public sector employees and ethnic Malays? Is not this budget more like an election gimmick?

Najib is sounding more like a Santa Claus rather than the prime minister of Malaysia!

Of course there may be those that insist that I am mistaken and anti-Najib, that the government is really pro-rakyat! If that is so, then don't just have one-off payments to the have-nots! [E.g. The government offered a one-off RM500 cash handout to households with a monthly income of RM3,000 and below, as well as a RM100 cash aid for primary and secondary pupils (Year 1 to Form 5) and RM200 book vouchers for students]. Continue this every year!

The other reason I said this is an election stratagem because Najib is not giving anything to the middle class - in other words, he has given up on them! The middle class, which makes up the 2.4 million taxpayers and carries the burden for 28 million people in the country, deserves better. But, you and I know that they voted for the opposition, not BN!

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