Sunday, May 16, 2010

Strange Bedfellows

Politics makes strange bedfellows. So are we surprised that after five days of talks, the Tories and Lib Dems consummated a power-sharing deal at Westminster? I wouldn’t be surprised if many people are choking on their own vomit! Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader and now Deputy Prime Minister had urged his voters to "keep faith with us". Ah-huh. Clegg had also said that since joining Tories in Government, he had found a ‘core set of common assumptions and aspirations’ which the two parties shared. Now that’s a load of bull.

The parliamentary arithmetic supposedly made a Lib-Lab coalition unworkable – but did the Lib Dems try hard enough? Did they try in the first place?

I predict this UK government will not last long. Unless the Lib-Dems sacrifice their ideology. After all, power can corrupt!
When heavyweight Sime Darby broke the story of their troubles – this has the immediate effect of spooking Bursa Malaysia when their shares traded broadly lower Friday, May 14. Market breadth stayed mostly in the red while the headline index, the FBM KLCI was also in negative territory throughout the trading day before ending nearly eight points lower at 1,339.3. Sime Darby’s own stock dropped 4.6% to RM8.25 on active trade. What to do lah – we are talking about a whopper of a company that is Sime Darby!

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