Monday, May 3, 2010

7 Habits of Highly Effective Ah Bengs

Do you remember Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People? Well, these well-known 7 habits for successful people are nothing more than a free adaptation of very common Hokkien phrases!

You surprised, ah?

So, why pay thousands of dollars to attend talks by Ang Mohs, when your grandparents, parents, spouses and even the auntie who sweeps the floor can give you the same kind of advice FOC, every day?

Habit No 1: Be Pro-Active
Kin Ka Kin Chiew (Fast leg, fast hand)

Habit No 2: Sharpen the Saw
Toh Bua Lai Lai (Make the knife sharp)

Habit No 3: Begin with the End In Mind
Ooh Tao Ooh Buay (Have head, have tail)

Habit No 4: First Things First
Chik Hung Chik Hung Lai – Ban Ban Lai (One thing at a time, slow and steady); or
Cho Tow Seng (Do first; talk later)

Habit No 5: Think Win-Win
Long Chong Ai Yarh (Must win everything)
This is definitely not thinking win-win.
This is a zero sum game.
Win everything!

Habit No 6: Seek To Understand Rather Than To Be Understood
Cho Lang Ai Eh Beng Pek (You must be understanding)

Habit No 7: Synergize
Tai Kay Ai Hup Chop (All must cooperate)
The above is dedicated to my Hokkien-speaking students at HICT Klang!