Monday, May 24, 2010

Stephen Fernando

On all three days, the Convention unveiled a host of activities – some were really interesting and some were just plain boring. Of course, besides the elections, the highlights were the International Speech and Table Topic contests.

For the International Speech contest, it was a strong field of speakers – and in the end, Stephen Fernando (left) won. I thought he deserved to win because his message was simple yet meaningful. I could relate to him. Still, I thought first place was a close fight between Stephen, Shanker and Christian – in the end, the first two speakers came first and second respectively. Christian wasn’t placed though – I suspected he was disqualified. Dennis Wee spoke well if I compared his performance to his practice speeches, but he just wasn’t good enough. Perhaps, I heard the speech so often that it didn't affect me at all.

The Table Topics contest was won by a non-KLite. I had to admit that she was a class above the rest.

I actually found the dinners (on Friday and Saturday) to be yawn-inducing – I am not into big functions, but I put on my best smile nevertheless. Well, except for the Welcome Nite, where there was an interesting Toastmasters version of the Hairspray musical – I was content to just focus on the food. At least, there was also good company – Toastmasters friends from KL Advanced, Taman Indrahana and others. And I met Chan Weng May whom I have not met for quite awhile – she evaluated many of my CC speeches when she visited HICT Toastmasters meetings last year – and Foo Kit Lian, who was my student from Nilai College, and now a Toastmaster.

Whatever my misgivings, I did believe the Convention was a memorable experience.

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