Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Email Blitzkrieg

Again, yesterday, I was at the PJ Hilton Toastmasters meeting and two HICT Toastmasters (and their friends) joined me. Vincent Tong did his CC speech # 3; as for me, I took on the role of a Table Topics evaluator. In fact, this meeting was well-attended – there were 21 of us there to ensure that this meeting was another resounding success..

Also a second email blitz took place late last night, followed by a third bombardment early this morning. I am earnest about giving my best shot. Special thanks to Mathew Varughese and Mike Cheang for organizing a determined assault on the District 51 electorate. I am serious about wanting to bring change in Division B.
On the left is a photo of another candidate whom I had the privilege of meeting at last week's D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club meeting. She spoke well and she impresses! Her name? Sue Chan, DTM from Penang. She will be up against Francis Ng, DTM to vye for the position of LGET. Yep, Francis has got a fight on his hands, a tough fight at that!

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