Monday, May 24, 2010

Miri Toastmasters Club Meeting

On the 20th evening (i.e. Thursday), Geoff Andrews, Henry Fu and myself attended the Miri Toastmasters Club meeting. As is the norm for Toastmasters meetings anywhere – we got to meet great people and we immensely enjoyed the meeting.
One particular person whom I was delighted to meet was Yusuf from the Maranatha Toastmasters Club in Bandung, Indonesia – and believe me, he was frank with his remarks as the General Evaluator. I also happened to believe that an honest evaluation is important in a Toastmasters meeting and we should not attempt to sugar-coat our feedback – in case, we become obese with the many sweet words being generously offered to us!
I took the opportunity to meet up with members of the Penang delegation to seek their support for my candidacy. If I was to win, I knew I had to have the support of Toastmasters delegates elsewhere, as I could not just depend on KL delegates. I already knew that two of my Clubs would not support me – this fact alone illustrated that I faced an uphill battle for votes.

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