Monday, May 24, 2010

Vote for Change, Vote for Victor Ong

On the morning of May 21, 2010, after registration – I moved around and introduced myself to as many Toastmasters as I can. Lots of people I didn’t even know. I was really uncomfortable with being a “politician” – doing my rounds to fish for votes. And I didn’t quite know who the delegates were and who weren’t. After twelve minutes, I decided to just forget it. I wanted to enjoy this convention – why should I spoil my fun? This was to be the last time that District 51 existed as a grouping of Toastmasters Clubs from 3 countries: Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Once the convention was concluded, there will be two groupings: District 51 consisting of just Peninsular Malaysia and District 87 consisting of East Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. And in the end, I decided to put aside my campaigning, and went ahead to get to know fellow Toastmasters.

The AGM was held on that afternoon itself, and I had Lorna Fisher (KL Advanced) to propose me as the floor candidate and Ismail Omar (IEM) to second the proposal. I was nervous and tensed. Anyway, when my turn came to give the 2-minute speech – I gave voice my aspirations and hopes for Toastmasters Clubs in Division B and telling the audience that I represented change. My poster said it all: Vote for Change, Vote for Victor Ong.

When the vote counting took place, I trailed Irene by a mere 5 votes – but since Irene secured only 122 votes – a second round of voting was called. She needed 123 votes to win. In the second round, I could only muster 103 votes against Irene’s 116 votes – she needed only 113 votes to secure victory. And so I lost. Well, it was a good fight; I had nothing to regret. Yes, I was disappointed but I was determined to enjoy the rest of the programs in this 3-day Convention. And so I pushed this loss out of the window of consciousness and let it plunge into the deep recesses of my mind, hopefully to stay permanently hidden. It was an unforgettable Saturday – for me anyway!

By the way, Hakim easily beat Mandy (the nominated candidate) for the Division P Governor position. Good for him!
And by the time I went to bed, I was already mentally and physically exhausted. Still, I could recall that I dreamed. A happy dream.

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