Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Up Yours, Ahmadinejad

I was at the PJ Hilton Toastmasters meeting this evening and I was certainly glad to be there to lend support to this club. I have always enjoyed their club meetings simply because we have a very good mix of Toastmasters to add color to the meetings.

I received this photo in my Inbox yesterday with an accompanying caption “Woman of the Year Award, and a request to let this photo travel around the world 1,000,000 times! In any case, I am posting this photo in my blog and I am choosing to interpret this photo differently.

HE represents the self-important politician who doesn’t give a damn about anything except his own reactionary political agenda.

SHE represents the ordinary citizen who has the courage to stand up to this browbeater and show him the middle finger.

So politicians like him are a dime a dozen, but there are not many like her who dares to confront him in full view of everybody else.

And finally the news that Blackburn came from behind to defeat Arsenal 2-1. So the Gunners must now wait to secure third place in the English Premier League. Another disappointing game.

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