Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Suicide

Coming back to Idris Jala’s reckless statement about Malaysia's potential to going into a financial meltdown – he had said that the government would focus on big ticket items such as fuel, electricity and toll to achieve the savings. DAP’s Lim Kit Siang was right to point out that Idris failed to focus on the biggest ticket items – corruption, mismanagement, extravagance and lack and accountability.

“When corruption, mismanagement, extravagance and lack of accountability cost the government from RM10 billion to RM28 billion a year, what credibility has the government to talk about slashing subsidies affecting the rakyat when it has nothing to show to end the rampant and worsening state of corruption, the gross abuses of power and public funds like indiscriminate issue of APs and various forms of ‘piratisation’ in the name of privatization?” (Webpage

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Taiwan labor activists today staged a protest against Foxconn, with dozens of demonstrators rallying outside the Taipei headquarters of the parent company, Hon Hai, unfurling white banners and laying flowers to mourn workers who fell to their deaths at factories in China.

"We urge Hon Hai to respect life and to stop its inhuman and militarized treatment of workers aimed at maximizing profits," said organizer Lin Tzu-wen

Foxconn workers spoke of long hours, harsh supervisors and very low pay. One 21-year-old employee from the southern province of Guangxi told the South China Morning Post how she worked 12-hours a day, six days a week. "The atmosphere inside our workplaces is so tight and depressing that we're not allowed to speak to each other for 12 hours or you'll be reproached by your supervisors," the employee was quoted as saying (Webpage, posted May 26, 2010).

These deliberate deaths are continuing. On Wednesday, another Foxconn worker fell to his tragic death at the Shenzhen plant – the eleventh suicide this year – just hours after Foxconn chairman Terry Gou said he would do what he could to save lives (Webpage, posted today).

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