Thursday, May 6, 2010

Celtic Saves Face

Celtic triumphed in their final Old Firm game of the season when they emerged with a 2-1 victory over Rangers in a fiercely-contested match yesterday. Lee Naylor's deflected free-kick (8) contributed Celtic’s first goal, after which Kenny Miller leveled for Rangers (43), followed by Marc-Antoine Fortune's header for Celtic's second goal (45). This is a small consolation to a poor season!

The Sun (May 06, 2010, p 7) reported that the High Court here has dismissed a harbeas corpus application filed by the actor that sought his release from detention. Judge Mohd Sofian Abd Razak said on Wednesday that Benjy's re-arrest on March 25 under Section 3 of the Dangerous Drugs Act (Special Preventive Measures) was valid.

The court was also informed by Senior Federal Counsel Najib Zakaria that Benjy was sent to a rehabilitation centre in Muar, Johor on Wednesday morning under the (indecently hasty) directive of Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusop.

And so, it would seem that Benjy is both a drug addict and a drug dealer after all! But is this the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Sometimes, I really wonder. This latest report is a follow-up on my own blog posting on Benjy on April 03.

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