Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Floor Candidate

Last evening, I was at the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting, and it was nice to have notable Toastmasters like Jon Tan, SK Ratnam and Hakim Hamzah in our midst. Also, we had 3 non-Toastmaster guests – whom I believe will all sign up to become members. As is usual, I played a role, and I was the Ah Counter this time around. Oh yes, I must not forget Dennis Wee who was again making his contest practice speech for the umpteenth time – we all wish him well, of course, given that he has been putting in loads of time and energies to "perfect" that winning speech. But I was already bored stiff with listening to his speech. This time I gave him feedback – since we did have an open evaluation – and I told him that his oft-rehearsed speech lacked spontaneity in the delivery. I also told him that I could not feel his message and that he was unable to reach out to me, to engage me, to "awaken" me. Anyway, that was how I felt – but, then what do I know? For the International Speech contest, I didn't even make it past Division level, so I shouldn't comment!
Yesterday, Mathew fired the first broadside by sending emails to groups of Toastmasters (notably the Presidents and VPs Education) to let them know that I will be declaring myself as a floor candidate for the Division B Governor in the upcoming Miri Annual Toastmasters Convention. I am really an underdog because I will be pitting myself agaisnt the well-oiled machinery of the sole nominated candidate - but if I am doing this for democracy, and in the process, rejecting elitism –well, we shall see how I fare in Miri! I suppose I should not worry too much about the outcome – it is not about winning or losing – but rather, the TI values that I subscribe to, that compels me to participate in the District 51 elections. I will fight the good fight!

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