Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Yesterday, I met Hakim Hamzah, Area P1 Governor and he had kindly invited me to the UEM Toastmasters meeting this evening. It is actually a joint meeting of two UEM Toastmasters Clubs, i.e. UEM Group and UEM Academy. Fancy meeting both Stephen and Rohijas there! Anyway, the members here are very “new” to Toastmastering and they need lots of guidance and support. Although they have a mentoring system in place – perhaps they should consider external mentors to help out, given their “inexperience”. But then again, this is only my personal opinion.

On May 03, in the Star, there was a photo of Najib holding a couple of cards – one card in particular came from 10-year-old Angela Kong from SJK Tung Hua, with the request “My Beloved Mr Prime Minister, we dream to have a university in Sibu”.

Whatever we may say about Malaysians – at least we know they are fast learners. From Hulu Selangor, to Sibu – the message “Christmas will be early this year!” travels faster than a speeding bullet! And it’s true! I read in the New Straits Times Online today about Najib having already announced that Kolej Laila Taib (formerly United College Sarawak) here would be elevated to university status by 2012 (Webpage Wow! I am impressed! Najib deserves an A for positively and quickly responding. If like this, BN will surely win the Sibu by-election, hahaha!

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