Saturday, May 15, 2010

Malaysian Economy Rebounds Strongly

Newspapers here have been making a big deal about the Malaysian economy recording a 10.1% growth in the first quarter of the year – it was the highest quarterly growth in a decade. Well, I am also pleasantly surprised with this breathtaking performance. But I must also express caution. It’s only one quarter – even though International Trade and Industry Minister, Mustapha Mohamed said he was confident that the high economic growth could be sustained (Star, May 15, 2010, p N16). Well, we shall see. It is worth remembering that this stunning growth is also because the economy contracted last year. So when we compare year on year, we will surely see a cyclical rebound. And The Star is being very patronizing when it headlines on page N16 – “Full marks for Najibnomics”! Oh, please!!!! Don’t cheapen your newspaper! Oops, I forgot. The MCA owns this paper – no wonder lah! Every chance they get, they will cozy up to Najib. Kindly spare us this silliness lah – it’s not appreciated.

And the latest news on Benjy. He was again charged in the Magistrate's Court here on May 12 with two additional counts of possession and self-administering of methamphetamine or "syabu" two months ago. Magistrate Hafizza Sauni had set August 18 to 20 for trial. Benjy pleaded not guilty.

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