Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scottish Labor Wins

MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur had their regular meeting today – but the meeting was relatively short since it did not have speeches, just table topics only – to accommodate the AGM. There was some concern whether there was a quorum given that officially there were 45 listed members (or as Sai Keong, the President mentioned, "in good standing"). Still, only 16 members turned up and this reflected poorly on the membership – but the meeting agreed that they should use “regular attendees” as a yardstick rather than the official membership total. Here, the meeting defined ‘regular attendees” as members who regularly attended meetings – in this case, the number given by Sai Keong was 20. Hence, a quorum was deemed to exist for the AGM to proceed. I suppose, it is necessary to be creative! Of course, the members kept silent when halfway through the AGM – another two members left. Anyway the President and Vice President Education for the incoming 2010-2011 Exco are Geoff Andrew and Grace Chan respectively.

The 2010 UK elections saw a hung Parliament – no party has the majority. I am more interested to examine the situation in Scotland. Here, Scottish Labor recorded their best general election result, capturing 42 per cent of votes cast and winning 41 seats. It is remarkable that Labor could hold its own in Scotland, despite falling back everywhere else.

The SNP won six seats, taking 20 per cent of the vote. The Lib Dems took 11, capturing 19 per cent. And the Conservatives are in fourth place when they took a 17 per cent vote share or just one seat. Despite their money-no-object campaign, the Tories were massively rejected.

Even the Scottish National Party went backwards. It’s fairly clear that Scotland turned its back on the SNP and Scots Secretary Jim Murphy was being brutally frank when he pronounced that “they have no mandate to claim to speak for Scotland”.
Scotman’s Gerry Hassan wrote of the significant reverse suffered by the SNP. “The party showed no real strategy” – see how important strategy is! My students had better pay attention in class when I teach Strategy!

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