Monday, December 23, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan

Nora Yara, a victim of Super Typhoon Haiyan, decorates a Christmas tree along a devastated area of Sagkahan town in Tacloban city, Philippines on Sunday. Photo: Reuters

On November 08, 2013, a massively fierce storm reduced almost everything in its path to rubble when it hit central Philippines, killing at least 6,069 people, leaving 1,779 missing and 4 million either homeless or with damaged homes. (These statistics were correct as at December 22, 2013).

Typhoon Haiyan is the deadliest in the country's history, similar in scale to that of the 2004 tsunami.

Individuals, aid organizations, charities and governments around the world promptly poured assistance into the country in response to the crisis in the Philippines. And even as President Benigno Aquino unveiled an $8 billion reconstruction plan, he launched a new appeal for further funding from the international community in order to meet both urgent and long-term needs.

This is the season of giving! Please GIVE GENEROUSLY!

On Saturday morning, I was in Kuala Lumpur for the MIMKL Toastmasters meeting. Regrettably, many of the members took their own sweet time to get to the venue and the meeting began six minutes late. Their tardiness was glaring; in fact, all six guests admirably exhibited punctuality.

I presented CC speech #4 titled “He’s Coming to Get Me” and this effort won me the Best Assignment Speaker recognition.

Oh yes, thankfully, we finished on time. I would give this meeting a 6 over 10 score.

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