Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Kiss

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Nina De Chiffre’s photograph (above) went viral on social media and it was triumphantly hailed as a symbol of peaceful protest in Italy. 

All because a 20-year-old student planted a kiss on a riot police officer’s helmet during a protest against a planned high-speed rail link in Northern Italy last month. 

I didn’t think Salvatore Piccione the officer minded but COISP which represents Italian police officers lodged a complaint with Turin prosecutors. 

Franco Maccari, the union's general secretary told La Repubblica: "We have accused the protester of sexual violence and insulting a public official”. 

He said: "If the policeman had kissed her, World War III would have broken out". Then he added: "Or what if I had patted her on the behind? She would have been outraged. So if she does that to a man on duty, should it be tolerated?" 

"A kiss is a positive thing," he maintained. "But in this context, between these two people, it was just disrespect." 

A big fuss over a little kiss. It’s much ado about nothing really! 

On Tuesday, I attended the Taman Indrahana Toastmasters meeting where I took on the Toastmaster-of-the-Evening role and additionally, I delivered CC speech #4 titled “Death Beckons”. I have a morbid interest in death and anyway, that was what I spoke about but it was a light-hearted speech. Overall, it was a good meeting – shouldn’t it be? – and I shall award it a score of 7.5 over 10. 

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