Saturday, December 14, 2013

Madiba Tribute

A South African chain store has laid on one of the most touching tributes to Nelson Mandela we've seen in the past week – and it was in the form of a flash mob. 

Woolworths teamed up with the Soweto Gospel Choir, who posed as shoppers and store workers at the Parkview store in Johannesburg. 

The choir then began an "impromtu" rendition of Asimbonanga [We have not seen him], singing: 

Asimbonanga [we have not seen him] 
Asimbonang' uMandelathina [we have not seen Mandela] 
Laph'ekhona [in the place where he is] 
Laph'ehlelikhona [in the place where he is kept] 

Asimbonang 'umfowethuthina [we have not seen our brother] 
Laph'ekhona [in the place where he is] 
Laph'wafelakhona [in the place where he died] 
Sithi: Hey, wena [We say: hey, you] 
Hey, wenanawe [Hey, you and you] 
Siyofikanini la' siyakhona [when will we arrive at our destination] 

The song was written during Mandela's incarceration as a call for his freedom. 

Watch it here:

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