Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Luck Runs Out for Silvio Berlusconi

After many years of successfully brushing off titillating sex scandals, allegations of corruption and political setbacks, Silvio Berlusconi's (left) luck may have finally run out. For a long while, he is like a cat with nine lives! I don't know about this but it is good to know that he has almost exhausted his trove of good luck.

The Italian ex-prime minister's scandal-haunted political career has suffered a potentially killing blow: following his conviction for tax fraud – this case is related to a complex system of illegally inflated invoices at his Mediaset television empire. 

[In October 2012, however, he was given four years for tax fraud and barred from office. However, the sentence was reduced to one year under a general amnesty.In August 2013 his final appeal was turned down by Italy's highest court, and he will serve the sentence].

The upper house of the Italian parliament then tossed him out and stripping him of his seat. Of course, Berlusconi still insists that he is innocent, and has called upon the president of Italy to pardon him (though he will not formally petition for a pardon, insisting that it should be forthcoming as a matter of course). Cocky bastard, isn’t he? 

Assuming the pardon is not forthcoming, he will go to prison in 2014. Since he is 77 years old, he is likely to be under house arrest or he will have to undertake community service. 

This is not the end of his legal woes. Among other matters, he has been ordered to stand trial on charges of bribing a senator in an attempt to bring down Romano Prodi's government, and is appealing against a first-grade conviction handed down in June for having sex with an underage girl, 17-year-old Karima "Ruby" El Mahroug and abusing his office to cover it up. Naturally, he denies the allegations in both cases. 

Sometimes, wealth and power cannot settle everything! Sometimes. 

Last evening, I was at Mercu UEM in KL Sentral to deliver a CC speech #8 titled "Speak, Speak, Speak”. I am making quick progress on my eleventh round of CC and I hope to finish it by end December 2013. Hopefully. 

As always, the KL Advanced Toastmasters Club is the place to go for quality meetings and it did not disappoint. A 7.5 over 10 score.

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