Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Teddy Bear for Dinner

The photo shows a culinary creation sewn together from cuts of poultry, with what looks like olives for its black, cut out eyes. Image credit:

Chef Simon Hulstone uploaded the snap of a teddy-shaped lump of meat on Sunday, and joked that he had made it for his children for Christmas. His friend then shared the tweet with his own followers. 

It soon emerged that the strange bear was the making of Russian artist Viktor Ivanov, who created the meaty ted out of clumps of chicken rather than turkey as was first assumed. 

I think I’m going to skip dinner tonight. 

Last Monday, MidValley Toastmasters had their meeting #230 and I was there at the invitation of VP Education, Timothy Nakayama. I was given the task to evaluate him since he was delivering an Advanced speech from the Storytelling manual.

Overall, it was a good meeting except that members didn’t know how to keep time. The meeting started two minutes late. By the time we had our refreshment break, we were twenty-nine minutes behind schedule. As the meeting dragged on, I chose to leave at 9:56 PM, i.e. immediately after the grammarian’s report – and just before the timekeeper’s report – where we were already 51 minutes over time. 

I am going to give this meeting a score of a 2 over 10. This club is guilty of willfully neglecting timeliness – and it is both annoying and disrespectful. 

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