Monday, December 23, 2013

A Dress for 50 Occasions

Looking for the perfect Christmas party season dress? Nadia Tarr, whose designs are favored by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, has created a dress that can be worn 50 different ways!


The garment is similar in style to the Duchess of Cambridge's Issa engagement gown. 

The dress comes in various lengths and colors and it can be transformed simply by adjusting the material straps. These wraparound straps can be tied in different ways around your waist or neck to create a halter, one shoulder or strapless style. 

Thanks to its stretchy design, it only comes in one size, which claims to fit size 6 up to 16. 

The American designer also claims that the dress materials – rayon and spandex – allow it to maintain its shape and quality, while ensuring maximum comfort. 

The dress retails for £299 on Tarr's website. But if your budget doesn't stretch that far, it can be rented from designer dress hire site,, for £59 for two nights or £69 for seven nights 

The American designer believes that her Butter by Nadia dress is your one-stop solution for any wardrobe crisis.

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