Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Drinking is Good for You

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Drinking is good for you! And I mean the alcohol type of beverage. A University of Texas study spanning two decades involving 1,824 participants, is suggesting people who drink regularly live longer than those who completely abstain from drinking.

The research published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found those who did not consume any alcohol appeared to have a higher mortality rate, regardless of whether they were former heavy drinkers or not, than those who drank heavily.

Instead, “moderate” drinking, defined as one to three drinks per day, was associated with the lowest mortality rate.

Every day that I stay alive is testament to the wonders of drinking! Prost!

Yesterday, I attended the Money & You Toastmasters meeting and I took on the role of Humor Master as well as Evaluator for an Advanced speech. I must say it was a fairly good meeting and I particularly enjoyed the Table Topics.

However, the club earned demerit points for being six minutes late in starting the meeting and it finished even later – 15 minutes behind schedule. I would award the meeting a score of a 6.5 over 10.


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