Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Walking Dead

I swear exam invigilation is a tedious task that I am obliged to go through every semester and it is slowly destroying my brain cells. How else do you explain it when my mind just goes blank whenever I do invigilation?

This semester, I have five invigilation slots! I am beginning to feel like a prison warden – having to keep watch over a contingent of student “jailbirds” is super boring! Once in a while, I get to leave the “penitentiary” in order to escort the latter – one person at a time – so that they can go for their toilet breaks. Other than these brief interludes, I do absolutely nothing – I mean, nothing that is productive, that is. And I notice that time passes oh so slowly. It is as if I am experiencing everything in slow motion. Eleven thousand, four hundred seconds seem like an eternity. 


I have completed three invigilation slots and there are two more to go. I think (I can think?) I know how a zombie feels. Isn’t that why he or she is called the walking dead? 


The Malaysian Institute of Accountants office at Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3 in KL’s Brickfields serves as the meeting venue for the MIA Toastmasters Club. Yesterday, I was there to deliver my CC speech #2 as well as to evaluate an Advanced speech. Although there were only twelve of us – it was still a spirited meeting. I would give it a 6 over 10 score. 

Celtic embarrassed themselves on Wednesday when they were trounced 1-6 by Barcelona in this Champions League match. They had put on a half-hearted show at the Nou Camp. Even if they were already out of the reckoning, they could at least have given Barca a good fight.

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