Tuesday, November 19, 2013

JB Street Art Reincarnates

The Johor Bahru City Council is learning the hard way that deleting street art is not a simple task anymore. [For background info, read my blogposts dated November 12, 14 and 15, 2013]. Instead, it has spawned at least 10 reincarnations of the increasingly popular artwork.
According to one anonymous local who spoke to Malaysiakini three days ago, the Lego characters with the Chanel bag and the mugger around the corner have shown up on not just the city's walls, but also on vans and even T-shirts. He reported that people have put up stickers of the mural in Sutra Mall, Perling, Taman Molek and Bukit Indah among others.
Netizens have also posted their photos of the clones on Facebook, and one is even selling the T-shirts online. The T-shirts come in a pair, one with the victim and the other with the mugger, both carrying the original street artist Lithuanian-born Ernest Zacharevic's comment, "Art does not damage a city's image" and "Crime does" respectively.
One netizen even suggested these stickers be put up all over the country where crime has occurred. I think this is a good suggestion – it can really indicate visually how rampant crime is in the country!
Malaysians all know that the crime situation is really bad and the irresponsible government flip flopping from outright denial when responding to critics, to admission when pushing through the draconian Prevention of Crime Act amendments have not helped to reduce crime in any way. In fact, we are even more helpless in the face of crime that not only refuses to go away but that it is actually still on the rise!
I salute the people of Johor Bahru for their ingenious ideas to counter the city council's high handedness. The street art – Zacharevic's mural – was meant to highlight the situation, but it was frowned upon by idiots who could not accept the fact that Johore’s capital is notorious for crime.
On Sunday night, I left for Melbourne, Australia on MH149 to attend the twenty-third International Business Research Conference (November 18-20, 2013). Below, photos at KLIA before departure:

On the flight, I took in two movies, Pacific Rim and Red 2. And I even had a pleasant tete-a-tete with Kalavathi, a Toastmaster who was one of the cabin crew on duty.

I must confess I am so glad I chose Malaysia Airlines!

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